Meet people with the same music taste

We believe music brings us closer. That's why beat2beat is so much more than sexy selfies. Meeting new people is about authentic connection and shared interests. So, let the music choose for you!
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Finally you can find someone by their musical taste, but not photos which usually don't reveal the real personality.
Product UI looks amazing! Would love to know more about the match suggestions. Are these based on genres, albums, or even artists?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks a lot! I' ll send your words to our designers) So, our alghoritm covers two out of three ways you listed above. First, ARTISTS, we connect you with a person who has recently enjoyed the same artist as you did. But not only artist, also we have an option of the particular track connection! Ex.: not just Queen, but Queen-You Don't Fool Me! Genres, we have a special subsector for this, called Genmates. It's Marked with the Star and shows you people with most intersections in favourite genres.
@olddub Nice! Would love if there was also support for podcasts.
@lachlankirkwood heeeey, super-cool, thx, i will definitely include it for the next builds
A good application. Looks really great. Want to know more about this match making or musicmate. What is it?