Beasts of Balance

The Jenga-meets-Pokémon connected stacking game returns!

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Such a super cool concept! Love the mix of real world interactions and digital gameplay. Artwork is top notch too.
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Thanks for the hunt Chris! Sensible Object is a small indie game studio based in Central London that was born from a love of making unique games for face-to-face play. The studio’s origins begin with renowned experimental play studio Hide & Seek, evolving their passion for experimental play into forms that can be enjoyed in the home. We pride ourselves in making games that focus on novel use of technology, that promote exciting ways of interacting with that tech, and that have a backbone of incredible art and design. Our first game, Beasts of Balance, is an award-winning, app-connected dexterity game that plays like a cross between Jenga and Pokémon. The core game mode is co-operative, where 1-5 players work together to build towers out of 24 physical Artefacts. Every piece they add to the tower interacts with a world that evolves wirelessly on a connected digital device. Stack an Octopus and *poof* you’ve just made a digital Octopus. Add a Migrate Artefact and *shazam* you’ve turned it into a land-dwelling Rocktopus. Battles mode is brand new and on Kickstarter now. This takes all of the pieces form the core game and uses them in an entirely new way. 2/3 players now go head to head in battle, vying to have the most fabulous Beasts when the tower falls. A deck of NFC enabled cards bring a whole new dimension to the mode, allowing players to cast weird and unpredictable spells to turn the tide of battle. I’ll be happy to answer any questions people may have! Tim, Lead Designer Sensible Object
This is awesome! I can see kids and adults playing this and having a great time. Great way to integrate technology and real life interaction with a single game.
@equinux Thanks, really glad you like the game!
Great concept ! I played the first version and absolutely loved it, and the graphics are just amazing ! Good luck for the Kickstarter campaign
This will definetely revolutionize the board game industry!! Can't wait to get my hands on this!!