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Matteo Rattotti
@matteorattotti · Shiny Frog
Hey everyone! We just released Bear beta 2 with a ​*lot*​ of new features and changes based on your feedback. Check out all the details on our blog, and if you haven't signed up to check out Bear yet, you can do that on the homepage: http://www.bear-writer.com/blog/... Thanks again for all your enthusiasm, questions, and help with testing Bear for iOS and M… See more
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Matteo Rattotti
@matteorattotti · Shiny Frog
Hi everyone! We're Shiny Frog from Italy and we love to make beautiful, useful apps. We created Bear because we wanted a beautiful way to write, easily organize our notes, and publish or share in various ways. This has been a labor of love for nearly two years, and we're releasing the beta today because we'd love to hear what you think! To try Bear, please … See more
J. Alexander Curtis
@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
I have to admit I sort of rolled my eyes when I saw "another notetaking app" on product hunt. But after giving it a look I have to admit now that i am really excited to try it out. It might just be the app I have been looking for. Currently I am using Evernote, but it is by no means an ideal solution. I like that its cross platform and integrates with everyt… See more
Wagner Bonfiglio
@lamagrabr · CTO, Já Entendi
Windows/Android versions please, I really need to use your great app!
Simon Keane
@keanetweets · Product Designer, Starling Bank
Any ETA on the beta launch? 😄
Ernie Smith
@shortformernie · Editor, Tedium; journalist
Hey, why the nonstandardized implementation of Markdown? The bold and italics in particular is not how that tends to be used in most apps.