The best way to notify users about your product updates


Use Beamer to announce new features, your latest releases, and relevant news. Improve user engagement with a quick and easy changelog.

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Lisa Zigel
André Hess Brenes
  • André Hess Brenes
    André Hess BrenesStrive to build kickass web platforms

    I really like their ease of use and low pricing


    Add a new feature for displaying a big new feature to users on an all screen form

    Beamer is really solving my need of communicating my new features to my customers. Previously I've relied on e-mails which not only have a low open rate but take me too much time to design and send. With Beamer I'm saving tons of time on this and putting those new features right on my customers's noses which is great for my to show my SAAS customers our progression.

    André Hess Brenes has used this product for one month.
  • Lisa Zigel
    Lisa ZigelMarketing & Product Freelancer

    Easy to use, looks great, works great, excellent CTR!


    Would be great if I could have more formatting capabilities, and if it supported video.

    Installed it just under a month ago, working brilliantly. Great way for site visitors to see new features, blog posts, etc., and the CTR is really high. I love it.

    Lisa Zigel has used this product for one month.