Crypto Trading with Signal Alerts right in your pocket

Manage your crypto portfolio and trading signals all in one app!

- get signals and updates your way - push, email or SMS

- review your portfolio

- buy/sell or cancel on the go

- supporting Bittrex & Binance, more upcoming

API keys are encrypted on the device and used directly with exchange.

We do not store or process any of your exchange info.

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Dear Hunters, let me introduce myself - my name is Honza, originally from Prague, currently residing in San Francisco - and I am the founder of Beacoin and a bad crypto trader that used to lose a lot of money trading crypto. The idea of Beacoin is to make crypto currency trading simpler and quicker and in the end more profitable for traders who do not spend countless hours in front of six screens doing technical analysis. Me and my team believe that crypto trading belongs more into our pockets than stock trading - the time is of the essence when it comes to buying and selling. I came up with Beacoin idea after several missed trades that cost me significant amount of money - not being able to trade on the go was a show stopper for further trading. For people like me - not experienced in trading - I had to start purchasing trading signals from various groups in order to trade better and to learn. This brought a lot of problems - some signal traders are dishonest in their success rates, the messages might come in malformed, it's impossible to automate the current practice of receiving trading signals via Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook... distinguishing a push that has top priority versus your friends latest meme is impossible. I ended up missing a lot of signals from payed groups and I still didn't know if they were really successful and whether it was worth it to keep paying them! So we partnered with signal traders and signal buyers to create Beacoin. Beacoin provides a single app experience for crypto trading on several exchanges, offers a quick review of your current portfolio, allows you to buy, sell and cancel your trades. With signals sent to Beacoin users directly to the app, Beacoin brings the seamless integration of following signals and buy/sell with a single button tap. Since exchange trading via API is usually done using API keys and secrets, we understand the concerns about security. We built the system the way we would want it to be, if we were the users, and we have plans for upcoming months how to make the trading most secured and one of a kind. We are currently finishing our product and we expect to have the mobile app for iOS and Android ready within days and be ready for full usage. Mobile app is meant to be used by signal buyers, where as the webapp experience is built for Signal sellers, considering their usual routine when they generate trading signals. Webapp is currently in progress and our landing page offers a form to join the Beta mainly for signal sellers. This is the first time we are promoting Beacoin outside of a trading community, so we welcome any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions that might arise!