Be Nice!

Use Alexa to remind your kids to be polite

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Hi everyone, Nowadays I'm curious about the way how the new type of voice interactions can shape people's social behavior, especially in kids, who are at the first stages of social and language development. Can these type of interactions make us less polite? There are already some people that are talking about this topic: It's still soon to evaluate the true impact that AI is going to have in our behavior, but one thing it's almost certain, the volume of interactions between humans and Alexa it's prone to increase each passing day. In many households, people already see Alexa as a family member. I decided to create this skill in order to start testing simple interactions with Alexa that can be used to remind people to be nice and polite during conversations. It’s still an early version, any feedback is welcomed. Thanks!
I love this! I always found it weird to say things to Siri (don't have Alexa) without saying please. It feels almost counter intuitive.
@jevinsew I completely agree. Curious what your thoughts are on this being just out of the box functionality?
@dougwgould I'd love it. Siri understands the word please in certain cases and that's a good start. But I'd love a more thorough integration.
@dougwgould @jevinsew I think it should be interesting for Alexa (and other systems) to be able to provide a feature similar to the skill I've built as a default (like a "polite" mode). For example, Alexa only answering sometimes when you ask please.