The first-ever 100% free engagement platform for mobile apps

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2015
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No reviews yet is a fresh take on the old ‘crm platform for mobile apps’ concept – push notifications, analytics, promotions engine – but this time we took a bit of a new approach by also building native ads monetization as part of the core features, instead of making it a fee-based product (like most of the SaaS products out there). Hence, it’s an entirely free platform. It’s perfect for indies & start-ups because with just 1 free SDK you can easily replace 4/5 other services, dramatically cut down your SaaS fees, and earn more revenue – we like to think of it as a bit of a game changer. Right now we have around 500 developers using Batch, with hundreds of apps into production – we’ve been building, refining, troubleshooting for over 15 months now, so it feels good to open our doors a bit. I’m around to answer any questions.
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@virtualgoodz Hey! I just got an email from ProductHunt about free stuff for startups, where your service has been mentioned: "Batch: Which builds mobile app notifications to engage your users". I realised that context-awareness SDK that I'm working on right now could be an excellent extension for your product. It would be great to have a talk and get your opinion regarding the SDK!
This has a lot of similarities to the startup I worked at before Product Hunt, PlayHaven (now rebranded to Upsight). Some of the challenges we identified were: 1) SDK is a four letter word (as Andy, our CEO described). Companies are sick of integrating YET ANOTHER SDK and using YET ANOTHER dashboard. 2) Many companies distrust third party SDK's/code. They want to do everything natively and have full transparency. 3) To make this succeed, you need a kickass sales team to make this work. I'm curious to hear how you're thinking about all these things, @virtualgoodz.
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@rrhoover Ryan – you are absolutely spot on, and while I believe we do have both kickass sales + engineering team, I’m absolutely horrified at the difficulty lying ahead of us to make it in this market. Our main bet with Batch's tools+monetization ‘plADform’ approach is that we’re going to fill an ever-growing segment in the market: 1. Google/FB/Yahoo are going for the bigger publishers. 2. SaaS players are mainly gunning for m-commerce companies. 3. We build with indie developers & start-ups in mind: with a bit of Stripe mentality we’re happy to remain the small start-up serving other small start-ups for a while, building a product that’s both free and perfectly tailored to their needs: our vision is that we grow all together into something big.
That design! so good
@raulriera That design! So buffer!
I definitely love this new version! The ads feature looks really cool, can't wait to try it. Really good job, good luck to the Batch team ;)
congrats Batch and welcome to the race. but claiming you're the "first-ever" free CRM/retention SDK monetized with native ads is a little over the top. Right? (hint: @appsfire )
@ourielohayon have you ever considered the possibility that the Internet may be sick of reading your disturbingly ubiquitous acrimonious comments? I sent you an email 2 weeks ago to congratulate you on the sale of AppsFire to MNG. you pocketed $30M dollars. you’re a rich, happy, successful man Ouriel. you made it in this world, and society has validated your success. so try to be nice, for a change.
@virtualgoodz I have been nice and congratulated you. But your service is not the "first-ever" to do that. Attacking me is not going to change that.
@ourielohayon @virtualgoodz Besides that Simon, your catch phrase is not good enough. Good catchphrases talk to users. So it's more about how Batch can improve my life or my business, and not so much about what Batch do.