Build the most effective enterprise and stay alive

Hello Product Hunt, one of the devs here, I'll be happy to answer your questions. Here's a small pile of steam-keys to try out Basement. Be quick! N4M7V-449IP-TZVPX 7QYD6-GMHTJ-V3EAJ LZVG8-09B0T-NCXD6 8Q7MA-YBL5E-PR7E7 97CH0-W7A6L-36ATJ
@adegtyarev Awesome! Is there a general tutorial anywhere? Kind of tough to start out, especially not knowing what all the symbols and what not represent.
@_ryangilbert Unfortunately, there is no in-game tutorial, but there are lots of let's play videos for beginners here:
From Steam: "Basement is a strategy game, where you play as a desperate scientist who chose the wrong path in his life. That path seemed easy, but turned into a deadly one. You have no choice but to build the most effective enterprise and stay alive in a cruel world of illegal business."