A peer to peer rental marketplace, all insured through us.


Baro is the ultimate sharing network, giving you the platform to basically share anything with anyone. All insured through us. Save money by renting items you don't need to purchase, and earn money by lending out your spare possessions. Whether it's a vehicle for a month, a jet ski for a day, or a power drill for an hour - you can find it on Baro.

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Chris Stuart
Stephan Tual
Danielle Fenwick
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  • Stephan Tual
    Stephan TualCOO, former Ethereum CCO

    Nices ideas - from somewhere else


    It's a clone of an existing startup

    Competition is great and I welcome it. Shameless copying of another's one IP is a different matter altogether. From the term "universal sharing network" to the use of jetskis as examples of 'big toys', you copied verbatim our startup (, on which we worked so hard for the last 2 years.

    I'm not a fan of patents and we made the decision to be good to the community and placing a lot of our hard work as open-source, but companies like yours makes patenting a must have. Shame on you.

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  • Roshan Mykoo
    Roshan MykooMobile App Developer

    I can rent anything and everything!


    Needs more people useing their service!

    Baro has the potential to be the only app needed to rent anything in planet earth.

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