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Certainly my favorite cocktail recipe app (iOS). A great community of folks contributing really good, high quality and original drinks. AAAAAAND — happy birthday mr @rrhoover! Here's a drink for you.
The Hunter's Gimlet! Thanks, @chrismessina, and for those in SF, try the Cucumber martini at Bourbon & Branch sometime. So good.
Awesome to see BarNotes on Product Hunt today. It's a good way to start @rrhoover's birthday and @baratune's #whiskeyfriday. To be honest I didn't know shit about cocktails until Peter and Brandon started developing this app. It has demystified the craft of making cocktails for me and provided hours of enjoyment ... I'm no longer just stuck to ordering a Sazerac every time. The cool thing for me is seeing world class mixologists who build the menus at so many great cocktail bars use BarNotes as their sandbox, adding drinks, gathering feedback and having fun. That's what makes it such a great community. Great work guys!
@cschultz We always wanted to help make it less daunting to be into "cocktails". Drinking well is what it's all about, not being "in the know" or trying to make others feel like outsiders. We've been really fortunate as well to bridge the online with the offline through IRL events at bars across the country. @blackbirdbarsf hosted a BarNotes meetup not long ago and the @plumpjack store in Noe Valley helps users put together packages around recipes they love. One unexpected benefit we've seen is that with the global adoption of BarNotes we get to see the slight variations around what people are drinking in different regions of the world. It's interesting how one spirit or flavor profile can be wildly popular someplace and not even on the map in another.
Here's a curated list we pulled together especially for @ProductHunt on this Friday afternoon/evening. Cheers!
This is my favorite cocktail product. At cocktail bars around New Orleans, people regularly show any recipe and they'll make things on the BarNotes app menu(which is massive. ) @pbodenheimer how many recipes are there on Barnotes?
@datarade Thanks for the kind words. At the moment we have just under 5,000 (4,988 to be exact) recipes that have been added from the BarNotes community. Our goal has always been to let professionals and amateurs alike easily add their favorite recipes and then the community can "fork" them to create something unique. Much like collections here on @producthunt, our team then curates the most interesting recipes in featured lists to help the community discover the best content easily.
Love it! I usually discover cocktail recommendations through @chrismessina's foursquare tips. Now, I know where you get them :) And happy birthday @rrhoover!
@rrhoover ha, busted!