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Stripe already invested Baremetrics
@tommoor Let's just say I'm not too worried about what Stripe will do. #i_haz_connections :)

Their blog content has been gold for our small SaaS company. Honest. Transparent. Helpful. They write articles that really help to put obstacles/problems in perspective and reassure you that you can overcome them and that you aren't alone in your struggles.



Everything, a fantastic tool for forecasting the your product's growth. Top shelf customer support. Very quick with new feature development.


None to mention, constantly evolving and improving.

If you've ever had to try to manually calculate mrr or other saas metrics, you know this is a big deal. Having done that at KISSmetrics I'm really impressed they can do it with one click; did stripe add anything special to make that possible? I always thought you'd need at least one or two things set up to pull it off correctly.
Whilst this is nice, I can't help but think/hope Stripe will provide better analytics themselves soon.