Baremetrics Trial Insights

SaaS trial metrics, lead velocity & more with no setup

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Software as a whole is moving towards a lower touch sales process where the customer tries out everything on their own terms. This is a win for everyone, but it becomes something that can and should be optimized and improved upon. Nearly every SaaS company has some sort of trial system in place, but getting insights into your trialing customers and the metrics that come with that can be much harder. Today, we're solving that with Trial Insights! Get deep insights into your trial funnel with trial conversion rates, lead velocity, historical trial comparisons, trials at risk and more! In typical Baremetrics fashion, there's no setup. No APIs to integrate, no engineers that need to get involved. Just sign up, connect your relevant payment sources (Stripe, Braintree or Recurly) and we'll do the rest! Try it out today! (And hopefully you'll help us see an uptick in our own conversion rate. πŸ˜‰)
@shpigford So how does it actually work? Is it a tracking code that watches how far the user gets through the trial along with their usage metrics?
@j_r_wi11iams No tracking codes to install! It's based on data from Stripe/Braintree/Recurly. So, we detect how many days a given trial has + the LTV of the plan they're trialing + whether they've converted or not and we're able to generate a solid set of trail metrics.
@shpigford So it only tracks the monetary aspects of a trial vs behavioral aspects of the user in the trial ... for example if they are using all of your features?
@j_r_wi11iams Yes, "only". :) Baby steps. We'll have the other stuff covered in due time.
@shpigford Totally didn't mean to under value your accomplishment with my question - It looks really cool. Great job and congrats.
Constantly amazed and impressed by the work you and the Baremetrics team are doing Josh! Wanted to ask how you factored the most "at risk" trials?
@moloneymike Right now it's based on when the trial is the closer they get to the end of, say, a 14 day trial...the more "at risk" they are.
Seems really nice product guys! The trial is a really important part of customer journey, I will try it πŸ˜€
@tombenattar Yay! Thanks for the kind words, Tom! πŸ™Œ
Am I correct to assume that it only works if I request the card info from the beginning and attach a trial period to that user? This part is a bit confusing to me. Ps: impressive speed of development
@mnlfrgr Nope! All payment processors allow you to store free, non-CC users as well as start trials on paid plans without a credit card.
@shpigford true, but in my case I don't create a customer on stripe until the user actually upgrades to a paid account. I guess in this case there is nothing you can do right? :)
@mnlfrgr Correct. You should start creating those customers in Stripe. :) That's the easiest way to start using it!
Nice one! We were looking at how other SaaS companies are tracking trial to paid conversion, and some of them were asking how they can actually do that. This will be off a big help to them, we will recommend it and try it ourselves being Baremetrics customers! Keep up the great work (and well done with keeping up with competitors!) In fact just today we soft-launched our e-course that will run in January (Trial to Paid conversion with interactive walkthroughs) - will add Baremetrics to the list of resources how to track trials>Paid.