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#4 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2018

Companies: Baremetrics Intros gets your business in front of potential investors or buyers w/ the click of a button. You control who sees what data & when.

Investors: Find startups who fit your investment thesis without days or weeks of due diligence. We connect directly to the payment processor so you get the data you need right from the source.

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Since the early days of Baremetrics, I've regularly been asked from companies, investors and buyers for intros to one another. Investors are always looking for new companies to invest in and many startups are in some stage of either looking for investment or would, at the very least, be open to having a conversation from the right investors. Baremetrics Intros plays matchmaker for both sides of that equation. Startups opt-in to make an anonymized, limited profile of their company available to a curated and manually approved list of investors. Investors can then filter that anonymized list based on the type of investment the startup is interested in along with their industry, MRR, growth rate, customer count and ARPU to find companies that meet their investment thesis. From there, Investors request an intro, which the startup gets to manually approve or reject. If the startup approves the intro, then the investor gets access to the startup's profile with additional metrics and company information. Then it's up to the investor and the startup to keep the conversation going. Intros is completely free for startups: If you're an investor or buyer, learn more:
Wow. This is super interesting, @shpigford. I'm curious if this will appeal more to non-traditional VCs such as @bryce's Indie VC, @robwalling's TinySeed accelerator, and @tylertringas's upcoming Earnest Capital fund for bootstrappers. Signing up as an investor now!
@bryce @robwalling @tylertringas @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! "Non-traditional VC" is actually one of the options we let startups pick as something they'd be willing to have intros from, so definitely something we're wanting to help facilitate.
@shpigford @rrhoover I'm signing up for my investor account now πŸ˜‰
Wow, I love this. When I listed on IndieHackers I got a serious $1.4 million acquisition offer. When I did a podcast on IndieHackers about, I got calls from top VC firms. My point, making your revenue data public creates opportunities. Especially when you're unknown in the startup ecosystem. This semi-private approach looks promising. This will let investors & buyers track trends, and narrow the number of businesses they need to contact. It will make the first few steps of due diligence a breeze and improve the process of getting an offer/term sheet. You could offer a HOT list for investors/buyers, the more intros a startup gets, the higher it gets on the list.
@plehoux Great insight, Philippe! And you're spot on. We're just scratching the surface here.
Looking forward to test the investment side.
This is very cool. It caters very well to both the startup and the investor. Since we’ve just started contacting investors about a seed round at, I just signed us up!
@qwoods13 Fantastic! Thanks Quintin! πŸ™Œ