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Predict the future w/ cash flow, MRR & customer forecasting

#3 Product of the DayOctober 12, 2016
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Knowing where you’ve been is only one half of the equation. Knowing where you’re headed is how you really make a dent and head off big business issues before they are in fact “big business issues”. Today’s launch of Forecast makes seeing the future that much easier! There are 3 major data points you can forecast: cash flow, monthly recurring revenue and customers. Cash Flow: While MRR is a mostly stable metric, the actual cash coming in on a month-to-month basis may not be. Annual plans, quarterly plans and more can create for an unpredictable flow of cash. We’ll help you know how much cash is coming in for the coming days, weeks and months as well as future cash flow based on historical trends. Monthly Recurring Revenue: What if you reduced churn by 1%? Where would that put you in 12 months? What’s more realistic, linear or exponential growth? How does increasing our revenue growth rate affect our MRR outlook next quarter? Customers: Knowing how many customers you’ll have in the coming months is crucial. It affects everything from hiring Customer Support team members to predicting what type of infrastructure resources you’ll need. Baremetrics helps you predict where you’re heading with your customer base so you can have a more stable business. Let me know what you think!
@shpigford Looks awesome. Is there a way to feed it data from the App Store, Play Store, etc.?
@alexgizis Yep! We're currently beta testing our API for this type of thing:
@shpigford Congrats guys! Always one of our go to tools!
@garrett_moon Thanks so much, Garrett! Big fans of CoSchedule. 🙂
@shpigford wow. This hits a very real struggle for SaaS businesses. Well done! (I also want to say: Baremetrics continues to be the leader when it comes to UI design - this looks awesome)
Congrats @shpigford ! The speed at which you guys are launching new stuff is amazing. And the nice, clean landing pages 👍
@kovlex Thanks so much, Levi! 🙌
A bit annoyed that I was asked to upvote this when clearly is a bad practice ... Can I ask my community/friends/family to upvote a product? Please don't. People should upvote things they genuinely like or find interesting, not because they were peer pressured to do so. Feel free to spread the word and bring friends into the discussion, but asking or incentivizing people to upvote may trigger the algorithm to drop the product in the ranks or remove it from the homepage entirely.
@deambulando I get your point but "vote for it on ProductHunt" doesn't seem to be that bad to me. It's about as innocuous as the old "Like us on Facebook" button.
@jameswahba so you send me an email with bold text that says Vote for it with an arrow in front and it's not asking for the vote? All of us we need to play same rules. If not what's the point? I have not send an email to my customers when we were featured specially due to this. They are not my competitors, and there's nothing personal, I actually follow the blog, podcast and they have great product. But please let's do things as they ask us for. This is not the first time I see such kind of emails in my inbox. We need to stop it or remove the rule so everyone plays the same game. My 5 cents ;)
Not only should have been removed, also was included in the newsletter. Awesome. Someone from PH team should clarify this rule. Only applies to some people? or depending if its a Bro or not Bro? I think its really unfair for all the other people that does follow the rules. @rrhoover
@deambulando thanks for pointing out, Chema! I wasn't aware of the email they sent and you're right that we ask people not to ask for upvotes. When reported, we try to relay this info to makers. In many cases, out algo will automatically catch flagrant bad behavior but it's never going to be perfect.
@rrhoover I do understand that. Just annoys me but I seem to be the only one complaining so doesn't matter. thanks.
This looks fantastic for a B2C startup - intuitive to setup & track. Is there a @Slack integration? @baremetrics @shpigford @ffiller @tyvdh
@elizabethhunker @slack @baremetrics @ffiller @tyvdh Thanks Elizabeth! We do indeed have a Slack app!
Congrats @shpigford! Looks great. And I love how the current projection is always there in grey when you play with the numbers 📈💰
@okgabr Thanks so much, Omar! Glad you like it!