Baremetrics for Shopify Partners

Subscription analytics & insights for Shopify app developers

You build for Shopify, we build for you! Metrics, growth and engagement tools for SaaS & subscription app developers using the Shopify Partners platform!
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Shopify has quickly become one of the most popular platforms to build a business on. So, naturally, app developers have started building tools and apps for businesses on Shopify! Those app developers use the Shopify Partners program to distribute their apps in to the Shopify App Store but, until today, they've had no real insight in to how their apps were doing when it came to subscription metrics. We've been beta testing this for months and are excited to be the first app to offer deep business insights for Shopify Partners!
Always kept asking myself - What's different about Baremetrics? Well, you have an answer now! :) Congrats @coreyhaines @shpigford
Nice, Baremetrics keep adding awesome stuff to the tool.
Time to add integration with Paypal too. Shopify Partner is awesome.