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Seven months ago we made one of the biggest business and technical changes to Baremetrics by expanding outside of Stripe to support Braintree and Recurly. That expansion helped us grow by over 30% as we were able to serve a larger market. Today, we're continuing that expansion by launching support for Chargify! Chargify was one of the first subscription billing products to come on the market years ago and have great customers like Citrix, Rackspace, Newsweek and Grasshopper. We're excited to make revenue analytics and business insights available to Chargify customers!
@shpigford I'm not going to say you guys are killing it because you know that. However, as a technical guy I'd like to know how difficult it was to change to back-end to support other payment gateaways?
@mnlfrgr we rewrote the entire platform :) it was a pretty big task but it allowed us to correct a lot of the issues we had previously. For example we switched entirely to RethinkDB from a mix of Postgres and Mongo.
@scott_robertson Nice! What do you think of working with RethinkDB? I've been curious but wasn't sure how stable it is at scale.
@scott_robertson @mnlfrgr I think this deserves a blog post @shpigford 😘
@kleneway We currently have about 8 TB of data in Rethink, so it works pretty well :D Even at half that data size, we were really struggling with Postgres. We were spending crazy amounts of time and money just keeping it alive. It would be really interesting to explain this whole process in detail sometime.