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Most entrepreneurs don’t start a company with a business degree. Heck, most don’t even set out to “start a company”…they build a product that solves a problem and then the “company” is more of a formality. However, that formality doesn’t change the need to use data to grow the company. The problem? Most entrepreneurs don’t actually know what to do with the data. That’s not a knock on entrepreneurs. In fact, most of the best founders are the “best” because of their skills in basically any other area. They’re amazing designers, unbelievably smart developers, clever marketers or any one of a hundred other things. At Baremetrics, we exist to equip those kinds of founders. We want founders to get out of the boring spreadsheets and in to actionable data that helps them make decisions. So, today we’re launching Business Actions to do just that. Business Actions surfaces data insights and suggests actions to take, helping you grow your business with less work! Read more: Try it out:
@shpigford Really awesome feature Josh! Good way of making your product even more valuable for Entrepreneurs.
@woutervanlent Thanks a ton! 🙌
I've often scratched my head thinking, "what am I meant to do with this chart?". Awesome bit of product :). Good job Josh and the team. Bet there was some really interesting product thinking that had to go into making this. Would love to learn more about why you've chosen the actions you've chosen and where it's going next!
@thricha Thanks Tom! Yes, we've been chewing on this idea for literally years. The actions we chose were just the ones we felt were most actionable or interesting. The hardest part was giving ourselves a cut-off on which actions we'd include in the initial launch! Going forward we've got a heck of a lot more actions planned plus a machine learning component that lets you train it to only show actions that you, individually, are most interested in.
@shpigford Really interesting. The underlying data is arguably less important than the action it drives you to take (I can imagine). Positive action => improved results => usage of baremetrics => take more actions. Lovely stuff. Looking forward to seeing how it grows!
Great feature. Are there any plans to crunch anonymized metrics across the board and give companies insights into how they're doing to compared to other similar cohort companies? Always thought that would be interesting data for founders to help them figure out if they are doing well or not. I'd assume Baremetrics is one of the few companies to have enough SaaS data to pull it off well too.
@andygcook Yep! We released Benchmarks ( a while back and will be working it directly in to the dashboard soon.
@shpigford @andygcook Any public API to retrieve those data Josh?
@leonardofed @andygcook Not yet, but it's on the 'ole roadmap!
I dislike chart-tastic dashboards because they lack any context about whether the charts represent something good, bad, or meh, and what to do about it. Most dashboards are like car dashboards, but without the knowledge of the current speed limit, or how long your journey is and whether the fuel rate will get you there. Is 5000rpm good or bad? We'll find out when the engine explodes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is definitely a step in the right direction @shpigford and I hope other dashboard-centric apps (*cough* New Relic) start providing contextual advice
@ideasasylum Spot on, Jamie! We're working hard to properly pair "data" w/ "context" and a healthy dose of education.
Making SaasS building like SimCity. ;) Go Josh!
@datarade /comes up from a 12-hour SimCity binge :)