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Josh Pigford
@shpigford · Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards. · Referenced in “Baremetrics
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Josh Pigford
@shpigford · Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
We launched Baremetrics over 3 years ago, built almost exclusively on top of an API. We were the first one-click, no-setup revenue analytics product available and because of that were able to form an amazing partnership with our pals at Stripe. So many things have been made possible for us as a business thanks to APIs. Having our own full-featured, robust… See more
John Joubert
@johnjoubert · Maker. Breaker. Hacker. Works @GitHub
Nice work @shpigford and team! I love what you all are doing!
Dayson Pais
@dayson · CEO, Super - GetSuperApp.com
Finally! So far ChartMogul seemed to be the only viable alternative in this space with custom payment API's. It would be good to hear a bit on any similarities and differences between the two w.r.t the integration APIs. Also any upcoming plans and what's the next major release lined up? @shpigford
Manuel Frigerio
@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app / CTO EventNinja.io
Great job as always Josh!
Janis Vegis
@jvegis · UX designer, Finch
Hell yeah! Your team rocks! 👊