Barcode Alarm Clock

Alarm clock that won't stop ringing until you scan a barcode

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Ha! We should create a collection of cruel alarm clocks. It would include Walk Me Up (an alarm that makes you walk to silence it), Snap Me Up (take a selfie when you're not in your best state to disarm), and CARROT Alarm (an alarm that talks shit to you). UPDATE: I created one. 😉
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Finally an app that forces you to keep canned soup near your bed at all times.
One of THE cruelest ways to wake you up... I get annoyed if the wrong alarm sound wakes me up, never mind having to quickly scramble around. Phone would be smashed in a matter of days I think haha
@bentossell I'm the same way. I found a solution called "sleep cycle alarm clock" by Northcube. It wakes you up by tracking your movement. 👌
@rometty_ it's what I use too haha... Since their update it keeps changing what tune wakes me up during the night. Makes me wake up furious.
When it goes off in the morning, it won't stop making a din until scanned on a barcode. That could be the barcode of your toothpaste, your coffee, your cereal or your makeup. All you have to do is choose what barcodes it recognises. Probably one of the cruelest alarm clocks, sure to wake you up.
It would take me 10 minutes only to center the barcode in the camera.