Comments on “Banter!
Dan Leitao@dpcleitao · Partner, Black Stag Consulting
The idea behind the application seems really great and the features seem to be spot on with what you would like the application to do. IMO however the design of the App could use a lot of work, I would certainly like to see that cleaned up because I don't feel inspired to use the App based on the design, if that is updated and tightened up however, I think y… See more
Diego Villarreal@dvillarrealm · CEO, Banter!
@dpcleitao Dan - thanks for the feedback. You are right, if there's 1 specific aspect that we're looking to improve, it's the design and intuitiveness. For full disclosure, we somewhat "pivoted" the value prop from being map-oriented to more chat/feed-oriented a few months ago and are still transitioning, could definitely use some pointers on design, if yo… See more