The Bannerbear API makes automated image generation super easy. Drag and drop objects in an all-new editor interface to design your templates, then generate variations via a simple REST API. There's even an integrated API test console :)
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I’m super excited today to launch the Bannerbear API 🐻 Drag and drop to design templates, then generate variations via a simple REST API. This is not just a big new feature, it’s really a whole new product direction. I’m simplifying the product (which is a plus, as I'm an indie dev) but I’m also hugely increasing the possibilities of what can be done with it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it gets used! Who needs this? - social platform owners who need to auto-create graphics on a per-user basis - marketing teams who need to auto-create personalized email graphics on a per-user basis - ecommerce agencies who need to auto-create thousands of banner variations - and more! New features: 🖌 All new drag-and-drop template editor 📐 Create templates in any size 🤪 Invite a teammate (e.g. you're a developer and they are a designer) 🔤 Full typographic controls (letter spacing, line height etc) 🤓 Integrated API test console 📚 New template library (adding more soon!) 🆓 100 free API requests A bit of background: The previous iteration of Bannerbear was a product that plugged into your website (Shopify / Wordpress) and generated primarily open graph graphics (but also some other formats). Aimed at blog owners and store owners. Being honest, I've really struggled with that target segment over the last couple of months. My product fell into an awkward spot where it was quite technical (required editing your site code etc) but was aimed at a mostly non-technical audience. The overlap between these two attributes just wasn't big enough, at least that was my personal finding. In addition, they say that you should pick a target audience you love to serve, because that's who you're going to be dealing with in terms of customer support. So this pivot is to address this point too - it's now an API-first product, aimed primarily at developers but also needs to be used by designers, which are two groups I'm very comfortable dealing with and can easily empathise with their pain points! If you have an interesting use case for the Bannerbear API do reach out - I'm looking for some case studies to put on the site :)
@yongfook Congrats on the launch! 🎉
@yongfook congrats! Very cool stuff!
@yongfook this is what I have been looking for. Congratulations on the launch. Will definitely check it out.
Image generation for your brand is so time consuming. What Jon has created here is going to save so many people thousands of hours. Clean design, beautiful API docs, fully customisable, and lovingly made. What more could you want?
This + support for custom PDFs would be a gamechanger (changing images & text by API within a PDF)
Optimized open graph images as a service was an excellent start. Now an API to fully automate creation of these? Seriously feels like a game changer here for a number of team, companies, and use-cases! Great work.
Hi @yongfook Any chance you can do a smaller plan at $5 to $10 a month for 10,000 API calls a month? I have some smaller projects that I'd love to use this on but the price is too much of a jump at the higher levels.
@alexgrundy quite possible! Or even a PAYG system for devs with small projects?
@yongfook yeah that would be perfect! Anyway I can be notified if you release this pricing structure?
@alexgrundy you can either create an account on BB and then opt-in to the newsletter (there's an option after logging in) or you can just subscribe to the newsletter directly here: