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BankFolio is a mobile iOS App that allows users to link multiple financial institutions so they can view their account balances and transactions all from one place without the hassle of switching between multiple desktop or mobile banking apps.
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Hello Product Hunt! We are excited to launch BankFolio on this amazing platform. The idea of BankFolio was born when charges were getting out of hand. I am one to fall for trials and forget to cancel, but keep paying months on end without realizing it. At one point, I was being charged $20 a month for about 20 months for a credit protection service I did not even realize I was paying for because I had it on a card I don't use or check very often.. TWO days ago, I was charged $6 on a Chase college checking account I have at $0 because they detected that I graduated, which is true, but I am still enrolled for my Master's classes so that fee should not have been charged, but it was easy for me to see that one of my balances was negative and I was able to call Chase and get it resolved quickly the next morning. Long story short I needed one place to check it all between my Discover Credit Card, my HSBC Credit Card, my Best Buy Credit Card, my Bank of America Credit Card and Checking account, my Chase Credit Card and Checking account, and finally my Midfirst checking account. You can see the list is extensive and a middle man to sort that data and show it to me, was needed. That's how BankFolio came to life. Unfortunately, it is costly to implement a free trial without having a large audience base because we are billed monthly for the number of accounts connected. However, in comparison to other services, we offer a cheaper tear than the straight "$6 base fee," for those users who have less than 7 financial accounts linked. Please let us know if you have any questions about BankFolio and feel free to check out the product website at Thank You all!
This looks awesome! Congrats to the team!
@andyrich Thank you Andy! We appreciate your kind words.