Nathan D. Harris
Nathan D. Harris reviewedBAMF LinkedIn InfluencerLinkedIn Hacking in 2017 (Now included in THE BAMF BIBLE)

This is an exceptional book that teach you how to develop a brand via LinkedIn at scale through consumer engagement and automation.


None - Just be ready to put the work in if you want results. Nothing is handed to you but once you do the rewards are there.

I have been blessed to learn so much from Josh over the past year. Helping me to really master a platform that I before didn't quite understand.

I now have been able to connect with people on a global scale and have increased my lead list by an unmeasurable amount. Saving us time and money utilizing the tools he created to let one person get the work done of a handful of sales people.

I highly recommend everything that he creates. I also look forward to whatever he releases next, because I know that this young but great mind is just getting started.

Nathan D. Harris has used this product for one day.
Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter@joshuafechter · Author & Founder of Badass Marketers
I love you bro! You're epic :)