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LinkedIn Hacking in 2017 (Now included in THE BAMF BIBLE)


The most badass book for growth hacking LinkedIn.

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  • Ron Hudson
    Ron HudsonFounder at Immediate Influence Media

    Josh is selling him self short with title of the book. He is an influencer, period!


    Lazy people keep moving! You'll need to invest time to read and implement.

    Josh is on a mission to empower 1 million founders. He is going to accomplish that mission because of his generosity, brilliance, passion, and drive. He helps people win!

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  • Nathan D. Harris
    Nathan D. HarrisFounder & CEO of Ease

    This is an exceptional book that teach you how to develop a brand via LinkedIn at scale through consumer engagement and automation.


    None - Just be ready to put the work in if you want results. Nothing is handed to you but once you do the rewards are there.

    I have been blessed to learn so much from Josh over the past year. Helping me to really master a platform that I before didn't quite understand.

    I now have been able to connect with people on a global scale and have increased my lead list by an unmeasurable amount. Saving us time and money utilizing the tools he created to let one person get the work done of a handful of sales people.

    I highly recommend everything that he creates. I also look forward to whatever he releases next, because I know that this young but great mind is just getting started.

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  • Andrei Zinkevich
    Andrei ZinkevichCEO, Getleado

    Josh share only what worked for him so this is just "read-and-implement" book. Must read for every b2b marketer.


    They are simply absent :)

    I've followed Josh on LinkedIn and implemented some of his techniques. This led of of my posts to get over 300k views with a tiny network of 2.000 people. After this post I've received several consulting requests and got acquainted with some of key b2b influencers.

    Still doubting whether it worth reading? :)

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  • Deon Nicholas
    Deon NicholasHacker and ACM World Finalist

    Every single thing is actionable. This book is pure gold.


    No cons. For me, I just don't know where to start! Gotta start implementing these TODAY.

    Stayed up until 3am and read this start-to-finish. Every single suggestion in the book is an "aha" moment where I think to myself: "Why didn't I know this before"!

    Great job @joshuafechter.

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  • Joel Crump
    Joel CrumpDigital Marketer

    You cant find this kind of valuable content anywhere else, For this kind of insight people pay 2K+ for and he's giving it away! Thanks Josh


    It needs to be shared more! There are no cons.

    Josh is always giving away high performing marketing growth hacks. This is just one of the great things he's put out. Definitely worth checkout if you haven't already!

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  • Mollie Q. Coleman
    Mollie Q. ColemanHigh Caliber Events

    Real proven secret sauce from the very best!


    I want LI to stick with professional industry specific related content and aggregate that info better.

    Josh continues to produce tested methods that gives us results. He's like the mad scientist of growth hacking. He's done a lot of work that you don't have to go through in order to be a successful growth hacker. You'll thank him later!

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  • Kelby Lior Kupersmid
    Kelby Lior KupersmidCoaching Project Manager, CCL

    Full or proven strategies that I can start using right away to expand my business.


    It takes a lot of work ;) well worth the rewards

    This book is full of well-researched, proven tactics to help expand your audience. The term "Growth-hacking" has never been more appropriate. Josh details exactly how to reach explosive growth and take over linkedin, one connection at a time.

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  • Mentor Reka
    Mentor RekaEntrepreneur - Software developer

    For sure a very useful book !


    Don't know yet.

    It brings best tips about how to write content and not only on LinkedIn. The patterns are generic so it can be applied for other social networks even the book is focused on Linkedin.

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  • Zach Adolphe
    Zach AdolpheGrowth Director at CAP Corp




    Once again, Josh and Houston come out with the latest step-by-step proven practical methods to achieve growth. I cannot emphasize enough the value BAMF has made for its community and this book doesn't let down.

    I'm not even halfway through because I'm applying the methods they share. Thank you to all who contributed - this is amazing.

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  • Mark J Armstrong
    Mark J ArmstrongInvestor / Entrepreneur

    Josh Fechter is an amazing talent & an excellent practioner of the #storytelling #GrowthHack.


    NONE. IT's ALL Good.

    As a lifelong direct marketer and an Online marketer since prior to the Netscape's IPO, I'vI en all the Gurus come & go.

    & his #wthHacking team @ #BAMF team are REAL.

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  • Bruno Estrella
    Bruno EstrellaMarketing Coordinator, VetCV

    Great insights!



    Outstanding growth hacking strategies for LinkedIn!

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  • Nikola Sokolov
    Nikola SokolovJust a regular, everyday normal mother..

    Great read! Amazing insights!



    Josh is basically killing it!

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  • Pros: 

    Amazing guide from the top experts in the market!


    It's great, period!

    So many practical hacks, pure value!

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  • Patricia Gurley
    Patricia GurleyWells & Wade

    Usefull book



    I couldn't think before that linkedin is such important site. Thanks for this book, I've learned many things and I'll use them.

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  • Pros: 

    Nothing as I can't download it.


    Not being able to download it is a big drawback.

    I have little more to add...

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  • Turgut Can K.
    Turgut Can K.General Coordinator, Hid-Tek

    Lots of helpful hacks


    It just can not apply itself, sry ;)

    Great contribution and great work, give it a try :)

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  • Lin Grosman
    Lin GrosmanCommunications Director, GoDataFeed

    Can't wait to read this book--if it's anything like your posts-- it's content gold.


    So much to read, so little time!

    Josh's straightforward, tactical advice is always spot on.

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  • Philip Ashburne
    Philip AshburneDigital Marketer

    Fantastic guide for people that are new to LinkedIn or haven't used it to its potential. Tons of actionable content.


    Honestly have zero complaints. Everything is step by step and full of illustrations.

    If you are serious about using LinkedIn to connect and establish yourself as an authority this is a must have.

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  • Brian Nuckols
    Brian NuckolsMarketing associate

    Incredible content! Packed with actionable tactics but also filled with some really high level insights about growth. 10/10!


    If you're going to write great content please also provide cloning technology so I can drop everything and implement immediately.

    The facebook messenger delivery makes it easier to read. Not buried in my inbox, kindle, or open browsers =)

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  • Quentin Allums
    Quentin AllumsFounder of Mad Genie

    Amazing LinkedIn hacks


    Would totally love to see some additions as time goes on.

    Read this in one sitting 🔥

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