Igor Gorbenko
Igor Gorbenko reviewedBAMF BIBLE 2018Top growth hacks used in 2018 (Updated for 2019)
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too much data to share for it

First they say they'll send it to messenger

Then you receive a message in messenger asking for your email address

Wouldn't be surprised to receive an email asking for my phone number

Igor Gorbenko has used this product for one day.
Ben Kazinik
Ben Kazinik@ben_kazinik
Wow Igor, you're silly. Did you read the thing yet? Have you read their previous work? I read some of BAMF's blogs and they are absolutely spot on and stellar.
Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter@joshuafechter · Author & Founder of Badass Marketers
I will ask for you phone number too :) jk Hope you enjoy the read!
Sheldon Kennedy
Sheldon Kennedy@sheldon_kennedy · Coffee Entrepreneur
@joshuafechter pfft , never asked for my phone number. i feel left out.
Vincent Magaline
Vincent Magaline@vincemagaline · Growth Marketer, Startup Founder
They wrote a 300 page book, and in return...asked for your email. Come on now ;)