Plant bamboo in your browser to prevent climate collapse 🎍

Add this extension to Chrome, and every time you open a new tab, we'll show you an ad that helps fund sustainable bamboo forests that clean the atmosphere and restore balance.
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I made this to make it easy for people who are short of time or money to do something small, easy and effective every day to prevent climate collapse. This is my first version, so feedback is welcome and AMA
@barry_prendergast I'm always happy to see more tech for good products being launched by makers, I'm curious about how the actual funding of the forests works. Could you tell us more about that?
@abadesi of course :) Money raised from ads goes into a fund (approx €7-10k per ha, depending on location) and within 12m we will pay a plantation to plant our first 10ha bamboo (this is the year 1 pilot size to work out the kinks). I need 10k users to get access to quality ad networks that pay good money. I'm currently talking to a few plantations, one in particular with a great track record on yield and sustainable practices, and once agreed I will publish details (and financial reports) to the site. I'm also trying to set up a corporate structure which allows maximum reinvestment, so the bamboo ulimately pays for itself. This is really complicated but my ultimate goal.
Thanks for your feedback πŸŽβ›…οΈπŸ₯° I made some simple changes to the Chrome Store content to make it easier to understand β€” Now onto the 🦊Firefox version!
We now have 20 users! We're basically a unicorn ;D