Bail Bloc

Mine cryptocurrency to get people out of jail

Bail Bloc is a cryptocurrency scheme against bail.

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Bail Bloc uses your computer's unused processing power to mine cryptocurrency (Monero). The proceeds are donated to the Bronx Freedom Fund (, which helps people who can't afford bail get out of jail.
@osmanify any idea who the makers are? This was a big source of initial inspiration for and I'd love to connect with them.
Why would I use my processing power to get people who commit crimes out of jail?
@lolcoolkat read the link before you say something uninformed
@lolcoolkat From what I understand everyone in this country is "innocent" until proven guilty no matter their economic level. It is my understanding that this is a way for innocent people to go on with their lives while they await their trial. I could be wrong, but I do not think there is a need for them to suffer just because they can not afford their bail.