Bags for Thinkers

Baron Fig's new minimal backpack, messenger, and tote

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Adam Kornfield
@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
Co-Founder Adam here. We've been working on bags for about 12 months now. We make tools for thinkers so far, notebooks, pens, pencils and accessories. The question became how do I carry all these tools with me on a daily basis? We set out to take a fresh look at the backpack, messenger and tote. After looking inside hundreds of bags, we designed somethi… See more
Paul Osetinsky
@osetinsky · Software Engineer
My friends at Baron Fig just released a totally new product line: Bags for Thinkers. My personal favorite is The Backpack–like their flagship notebook product, it also opens flat. Genius!
Raad Ahmed ⚔
@r44d · Founder/CEO, LawTrades
Love that the backpack opens flat 🔑
Francesco D'Alessio
@francescod_ales · App YouTuber
Congrats on the launch guys!
Mario Gabriele
@mdagabriele · Willo
Wow, this is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. Beautiful design!