Bags for Thinkers

Baron Fig's new minimal backpack, messenger, and tote

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Co-Founder Adam here. We've been working on bags for about 12 months now. We make tools for thinkers so far, notebooks, pens, pencils and accessories. The question became how do I carry all these tools with me on a daily basis? We set out to take a fresh look at the backpack, messenger and tote. After looking inside hundreds of bags, we designed something that is minimal, made of durable canvas, and carries a clean aesthetic. Hope everyone enjoys these as much as we did creating them. Appreciate all of you here in the PH community and thanks for all your support in the past!
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@adamkornfield Does a 15 inch MacBook fit in the backpack?
@midi2001 Yes! It was designed just for that in mind
@adamkornfield Looks awesome! Any interior pockets on the tote?
@jessleenyc Hey Jess! Yep! Three pockets on the inside (including one zip pocket) and one pocket on the outside!
@adamkornfield the only problem I see here is that I need to wait to get one
My friends at Baron Fig just released a totally new product line: Bags for Thinkers. My personal favorite is The Backpack–like their flagship notebook product, it also opens flat. Genius!
@osetinsky Paul, thanks for the props!
Love that the backpack opens flat 🔑
@r44d Raad thanks man! Can't wait to get mine. A little mobile work station. LawTrades has been a big help so far as well!
Congrats on the launch guys!
@francescod_ales Francesco thanks appreciate it! Keep up the amazing work on the videos. Love what you do!
Wow, this is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. Beautiful design!
@mdagabriele Thanks Mario! Glad you're digging them
@mdagabriele Mario, thank you!