Backup Caucus

A backup Iowa Caucus app, made without code.

In light of recent technical difficulties with the app used in the Iowa Democratic Caucus we decided to make a backup using instead code. Now everyone can be a precinct manager and help us tabulate results in the very first US state primary!
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Hi everyone, Our team was getting a bit restless waiting for Iowa primary results to trickle in this afternoon, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. We hastily put together a replacement for the embattled app that caucus managers were to use to tabulate their results across the 1,700 precincts in the state. To step inside American democracy in action, just click the button to report a precinct, log your caucus' voter affiliations, and watch the votes roll in. We'll have our candidate in no time! As a side note, we created the app entirely without code using Hope you enjoy the distraction!