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Hey everyone! I built Backstories as a place to surface the stories behind startups and share what goes on behind the scenes; the inspiration and the journey to launch. I'd love to hear your thoughts and more than happy to answer any questions :) Also, huge shout out to @mikaelcho and the team at Crew. I used their platform for the design and development of this product.
1. Can anyone submit their startup story? 2. I love that there's a newsletter. :) 3. How are you going to keep the stories organized?
@v4violetta Hey Violeta, thanks for your comment. Great questions. 1. Yes, we're open to anyone. Looking to share as many stories as possible. Everyone has a unique experience and learnings, so the more the merrier. 2. Awesome :) 3. I'm working on pages to organise startups by Location and Market (messaging, analytics, seo, etc). This will hopefully make it easier to find relevant stories when the site has a bit more content. I'd love to hear your ideas / suggestions on how you'd like to see stories organised :)
@ashread_ Looks great. The structure of each story is beatiful, where I can see the conversation, and the value in a sidebar. When you have these organized in logical categories, a 'similar products' section would certainly help me where I want to see related products by market, rather than going back to listings and start finding.
@vingar Thanks for your kind works. Similar product suggestions is a great idea, cheers! I'll add that to my to-do list once we have a few more stories on the site. Appreciate you taking the time to check out Backstories and share your thoughts.
@v4violetta @ashread_ Congrats in the launch, looks great! What's your longer term vision for the platform?
Another awesome project from Ash. I have already reached out to a ton of startup friends. I think, all to often, the "why" gets lost.
This is awesome! I did something similar last week as a fun side project. But I love the idea of backstory as it is the most authentic thoughts by the founders themselves. Great job!
Good catch, @erictwillis. I just told our story. I've done it before, usually when speaking with people, but am glad to have a place that's just for the backstory. Our's is far more interesting that what we do.
@erictwillis @osakasaul Thanks for sharing your story, Saul.
I did something similar (http://startupeureka.com), where users can discover the eureka moments of Startup Founders, through video. For example : http://startupeureka.com/eureka/... Too bad, I sold the website on Flippa
@itsmahendhar Thanks for sharing, now taking a look :)