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A space for not-invited people to discuss posts on PH

#3 Product of the DayJune 15, 2015
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Hi there, With this one, I wanted to allow people not having an invit yet to still have a place to discuss products posted on PH. This will load a disqus thread right in the browser extension, one per post, so you can basically read or write comments without leaving post page. Thanks by the way to @KikiSchirr for having found a great name! :) Any question, let me know
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@oelmekki great idea! @KikiSchirr love the name too
The product hunt community is seriously the best. Making a product for those without access yet. Awesome. Great build.
I was asking a few fellow product hunters for something like this.! Unfortunately i got an invite a few days back but its something we all needed :) Going to use it anyway ;)
@h_halvi Thanks Harsha. It's definitely also opened to people who have commenting access, even if it's maybe a bit less useful ;)
@oelmekki @h_halvi Idk i think more access = more realtime conversations. I am excited to use it.
This will make a lot of people happy. :) Well done, Olivier.
@v4violetta Thanks :)
Great tool for building a bigger community. Very crucial. Keep it up @oelmekki
Thanks Irving :)