Backpack Chat

See where your friends are traveling


Backpack Chat puts your friends and their travel plans on a map so you don't miss each other when you have similar travel plans. 🌏

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Martin Kõiva
Florian Mari
Kristjan Erik Liive
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  • Pros: 

    I was looking for an app like this. I'm glad they don't track your precise location unlike others do and only update it once a day.


    I would like to see more of my friends on the app you need to work on getting it out to more users

    The last time I was in NYC I didn't know that my friends were there as well, I even passed the building where one of them worked and I had no clue he was there.....

    Kristjan Erik Liive has used this product for one month.
  • Tarek Ghobar
    Tarek GhobarStartup Manager

    Easy to use and helpful app to meet friends you cross paths with


    Expand on the features making it appeal not only to backpackers but also their friends who want to be part of the journey at least virtually

    After downloading the app and inking my travel plans, I then connected it to my friends who I know are travelling.

    Tarek Ghobar has used this product for one day.
  • Valjo Kütt
    Valjo KüttCo-Founder of UpSteam

    You can easily see where your friends are when you’re traveling. So that you won’t miss meeting your best friend in the middle of nowhere!


    When clicking on a member - instead of a list of places the person is going to - it would be cool to show it on a map with a timescale also

    Love it

    Valjo Kütt has used this product for one month.
  • Joonas Sernjuk
    Joonas sales manager

    I travel a lot and i had the issue of keeping my friends in the loop all the time. It solves the problem nicely


    I think you can populate the map by showing friends of friends as well

    I would use it but its not a must have more like a nice to have app

    Joonas Sernjuk has used this product for one day.