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Achieve and maintain your best posture any place, any time.


Backbone is a smart, connected posture solution that discreetly supports your posture, vibrates when you slouch, offers curated training plans, and more.

3 Reviews
Lenny Hu
André de Albuquerque
Ashish Phadale
 +11 reviews
  • André de Albuquerque
    André de AlbuquerqueHost @Pioneers Show

    I like the idea of getting the "tap" on my shoulder to stay upright. It's like a teacher telling you to sit up straight.


    No idea

    Want to back this up. Will defnietly do it. Hope that it doesn't cost much in costums.

    André de Albuquerque has never used this product.
  • Olivier Beaujean
    Olivier BeaujeanEntrepreneur, venture builder

    The concept is great


    They don't deliver

    I never received mine from a kickstarter campaign, I sent more than 10 emails without replies since mid August

    Olivier Beaujean has never used this product.
  • Samarth Seksaria
    Samarth SeksariaProduct owner, Photor

    Essential in today's times. I need it, my parents need it, my wife needs it.


    Don't know yet.

    How do I ?

    Samarth Seksaria has never used this product.