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The lowest cost cloud storage on the planet: $0.005/GB/Month

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Whoop!!! This could be good... @brianwski @yevp @glebbudman are there any plans for a CDN plan to be added onto B2? (I understand its in beta so may take some time to get this but that would be amazing for me). If you need any more invites for you team to comment let me know via twitter :)
@aaran_mcguire Aaran, as far as the CDN, sort of, though we're still a ways away from that. We may integrate with others or work out our own solution, or something like Cloudflare maybe. Still a bit early, but we're considering all the things.
@yevp @aaran_mcguire Even a way to view the files direct from a B2 server without any auth (or having my servers as a middle man) would be good for me, I'm ok it not being as fast as a CDN, just need the direct URL access.. Is this something thats going to be made available?
@aaran_mcguire Aaran, yes! If you have a public bucket you can get direct URL access, here's an example: Apologies for bad hair/beard day.
First thing I see after signing up - . Looks like a bug. Not a good sign if I want to switch my trusted backup provider.
@arunpattnaik It is a public beta so bugs are expected, however I never got this issue.
@arunpattnaik Arun that's odd, what are you signing in to? B2? Or the Online Backup program? You may not have any prepaid codes on your account (if you had an account prior to B2). If you want I can help you troubleshoot :D *Edit* -> Just tried to recreate after signing up (first for B2 then online backup and vice-versa) and I'm not able to. If you remember how you made it pop up, I'd love to have the steps so I can get our web folks on it.
@yevp Here's what I remember: 1 - Clicked the 'get it' button here on PH. 2 - Filled in my email & password and clicked on 'sign up for B2' button. 3 - Took the survey. 4 - Not sure if I had to enter username/password again or it automatically logged in directly to the user overview page where there was a big blue 'Unused prepaid code' link. 5 - Clicked the link and this popup showed up.
@arunpattnaik Got it! Does it still appear after you close it? I'll try to redo that flow now! Thanks! *edit* -> yea, that's still weird, after the survey it should take you to a page to set up your phone number for 2-factor sign in. Sorry. Hope it's working now though? Let me know if not, or ping support (live Chat's available) ->
Can this be used like AWS? Meaning, could this be used for a consumer photo or video streaming app?
@bradenhamm Definitely. That's one of the use-cases we've found when conducting interviews with folks that signed up for the beta.
@bradenhamm give it a try and shoot us an email and we can help you optimize how you'd use it for Gumwall.
@yevp @glebbudman Wow! I've been looking for AWS alternatives for Gumwall, can't believe how inexpensive this is. How should I contact you?
@bradenhamm Braden you can ping us at [b2contact @ backblaze . com] and we'll be in touch! In the mean time you can get signed up and start playing with it by hitting the "Get It" button up top, or going to ->
@yevp thanks! Signed up.
Awesome job @glebbudman ! I still remember the days at Draper wondering what the heck backblaze was, and having you come in to talk about your amazing story.
@modernty Thanks Tyler. It's definitely been a fun ride these eight years and I'm really excited about B2. Hopefully we can help you store data for Collective and ;-)