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Get alerted when your favourite products are back in stock 🛍's 'back in stock' alert is a new way to shop for hard to find products. Be the first to know when your favorite products are back in stock. Instant alerts for millions of products from 40+ popular stores worldwide.
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Hi, everyone! 👋 First off, big thanks to Hiten for hunting 🚀us! A lot of you wrote to us that you have experienced high levels of out of stock products online due to ongoing pandemic which puts you and your family at higher risk when you visit physical stores. To address this, we started monitoring millions of products from 34+ major online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Big Basket, Target and we will notify you once the product is available online. This new feature is already added to the browser extension. If your favourite product is out of stock, simply click on the ‘alert me’ button on the product page. You will receive an instant email notification when the product is back in stock. 🙏 Let me know what you think?
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With the tremendous increase in online shopping an easy way to get alerts when out of stock items are place is a must have for anyone. This Chrome Extension is worth installing!
I love this, definitely very useful at the moment! I have one question, how is this different from the "notify me" alert feature on amazon?
Thanks @scott_wylie1, that's a great question. Our 'back in stock' alert is available on 34+ major online stores and you can track all products from different stores at one place. In case of Amazon or any other online store, you have to manage these notifications separately for each store. Also, we noticed that during this ongoing pandemic, most of these alerts are not working/ being sent.
thanks, that sounds great! look forward to using this!
Perfect, this is a great idea! Is this a new product/ new extension from
Thanks @gary_davidson1 for the question! This is a new feature and is already added to Chrome or Firefox browser extensions. If you were using extension before, it would have been updated automatically. Please let me know in case you face any issues using it.
This is really helpful during covid. Since Everytime I go to Amazon I see it as not available 😭
@gauthamzzz 🙌Thanks for your encouragement. True, this is helpful during COVID times, particularly for essential items.