Back Bay Wireless+Wired Earbuds

Wireless when you want it, wired when you need it

The Back Bay wireless+wired earbuds were designed to solve the two biggest problems with Bluetooth earbuds— battery life and compatibility.

If you ever run out of battery, just plug in the AUX cord and you can listen to music as long as you want! You can also plug into the in-flight entertainment on a plane or a treadmill TV at the gym.

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This is one of those ideas that I'm glad someone finally made happen! Congrats from JP 🎉 #orangelinebuddies
Idea for a future addition: the option to choose a 3.5mm or Lightning input for the cable.
honestly, thank god
Go Boston!
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Great job !! How’s it different from other brands ? How’s it unique ?
@ayush_chandra With most bluetooth earphones, if they run out of battery they are useless until you charge them again. With the wired+wireless earbuds from Back Bay, if they run out of battery, you can still listen to music by plugging in an AUX cord. When the AUX cord is plugged in, it does not require battery power.
@ayush_chandra @jeremy_abend But with most phones not having a headphone jack, surely this makes that feature redundant?
I wish the headphones supported USB-C, I really hate MicroUSB!