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#4 Product of the DayMay 07, 2020
At B21 our aim is to bring crypto investing for everyone. You can create your own cryptocurrency portfolio and invest using your bank account, credit card or debit card. Our mobile app is live in 65+ countries including USA.
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Hi PH community, @chrismessina thanks for hunting ! Our journey for B21 began with a simple yet challenging mindset - to bring digital asset investing mainstream so everyone can participate in potential returns without worrying about the complicated technology associated with digital and crypto assets. After hustling for two years setting up the legal and regulatory framework, acquiring licenses and developing the cool tech that is the heart of our product, we are now proud to bring you B21 Invest - a mobile application where any user can create and manage a multi-asset portfolio at their fingertips. You can start your crypto investments on B21 with 3 simple steps - 1. Sign up 2. Create portfolio 3. Invest using bank transfers/credit card/debit card You can monitor your returns on the dashboard or withdraw directly to your bank account. Download the B21 app now - on iOS and Android. Let me know if you guys have any questions and/or feedback !
@chrismessina @parth_agarwal how easy is it to transfer crypto from another wallet?
@chrismessina @jpru5 We don’t offer transferring crypto from other wallet as of now. You can buy crypto from cards, bank transfer, ACH. :)
Very very useful apps for people that doesn't know technology behind cryptocoin for those that doesn't want to have headache of having crypto wallets and maintaining their addresses etc.,
@hassainbaasha Thanks! We are trying to bring Crypto assets as the next investment class for everyone.
Wow, Crypto Investment is made easy peasy. Welldone.
@raajesh_rp Thank you !
@parth_agarwal Is B21 following a CFD trading model?
@raajesh_rp Good question! :) No, with B21 you are not exposed to CFD like our competitors. We buy and hold your actual assets.
@parth_agarwal Cool. That's great. Thank you!
This is exactly what I was looking for, very nice easy to use design with feature packed app. Keep it up :)
@ssmitjshah Thanks Smit ! :)
Investing in cryptocurrencies has been complicated. It has always been for the techies or traders. It was time to bring investing to everyone by making it super simple. Everyone should have a chance to invest and invest small amount to begin with. Thats what we do at B21. We make it super easy and with no tech experience or trading knowledge. B21 is made for everyone.
@nityn This is a great opportunity for everyone who wanted to ever try buying bitcoin and other currencies. Thank you.