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The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is simple, but executing a comprehensive SEO strategy is a little trickier. B12 SEO makes it easy and affordable to ensure prospective customers find your website. This service is powered by machines and refined by experts, aiming to boost your B12 website’s search ranking and visitor traffic.

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Hey, Product Hunt! The B12 team officially launched our new SEO service today, which we’ve been refining for months. B12 uses human-assisted AI to build websites for our customers. B12 SEO follows our signature “humans where they’re best, machines for the rest” approach. Our engineers built the machine, and our experts refine our customers’ SEO. Over the last few months, we’ve been prototyping the product and automating more and more of the setup process around choosing keywords and optimizing our customers’ websites. We now use automation to identify relevant keywords we think our customers can win on various search engines. With a few small examples from our SEO experts, our algorithms recommend similar terms that prospective customers search for on Google. Next, experts review the machine-generated list and decide which keywords make the most sense for our customer depending on their industry and competition. The expert then makes subtle changes to the website to optimize for those keywords. This additional automation turned what was a 3-4 hour process into 25-30 minutes of setup time. You can now get B12 SEO as part of your B12 website! Take a look and let us know your thoughts! Please leave a comment with any questions or feedback. Thanks! Conor and Murat
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Congrats B12 crew! Love seeing tech that makes the complicated parts of the Internet, uncomplicated. 🤖💯
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@suconick Many thanks Michelle!
@nbanta @marcua This is Amazing! Such an important part of a high performing website.
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@nbanta @sk123 Thanks Shivani!:)
Hey @conor_holleran, @marcua, @katelyn_gray @peh_zhi_jia_giselle & team, Can you tell us what aspect of this project you're most excited about?
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@jacqvon Good question Jacqueline! I'm excited about two things: - For our customers, we've managed to turn a product that used to cost upwards of $1000 a month into something that costs tens of dollars a month. It's one of the exciting cases where we can unequivocally say that a mixture of expertise in folks like @conor_holleran and a ton of automation and interface design work from folks like @murat_jumashev, @paopow, @daniel_haas1, and @mblumenstock has enabled us to make the product affordable and nearly zero-touch for our customers. - For B12's mission, I'm excited that we're prominently featuring the human side of our product. All too often, today's products are billed as "AI" when in reality a good amount of human expertise makes the products possible. Our technology has enabled folks like @conor_holleran to go from taking 3-4 hours to optimize a customer's website/listings SEO to taking 20-25 minutes for it, but at the end of the day, the experts make the product.
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Is there some more details about the AI algorithms being used? Also, I think a free audit tool would be a great tool to get others to try it out. Thanks. 🙏
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@rajiv_poddar Thank you for the question! We start off with an SEO expert like @conor_holleran, who brainstorms keywords based on the customer's products, services, category, and location. Our first algorithm performs term expansion, turning the original ~10-term brainstorm list into a ~100-item list of semantically similar search terms that appear in search engines like Google. Our second algorithm ranks these terms by looking at Google search volume and ad keyword competition data. The terms are ranked such that the highest-volume lowest-competition terms appear near the top of the list. Since the expansion and ranking algorithms might result in false positives, an expert then selects the most promising terms for performing on-page optimization and ongoing tracking.
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