Azendoo for Mobile

Shared tasks lists and team sync, on the go.

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Hello hunters, we're excited to introduce the new Azendoo mobile app, re-designed and re-coded from scratch: it’s faster and includes new features (team and private chat, 3D Touch, tasks swipe, smart notifications, and more), to help you take the pain out of team collaboration. We're on a mission to change how teams plan tasks, sync on projects or chat and we believe this release is a big step in that direction. We'd love your feedback! 😘 ✨ Hope you all find Azendoo mobile well designed to organize your work and your life. it’s available on iOS and Android. Thanks again for checking it out! 🙌 Shoot your questions if you have any.
@greglefort looks like a Facebook App style approach to task management... what is the inspiration behind this approach? As this space is so crazy competitive, what's your big differentiators that can help you fend off the rest?
@bentossell a lot of people rely on multiple apps to execute their work: a chat, a tasks board, document sharing, etc. Not all the companies out there find it efficient, nor useful. We made an app that does it all in one place, added a lot of context to eliminate the noise and built it on a great UI. Have a look this PH collection
@greglefort if you find how to add team members, please contact me
@drrza Hey Bogdan. You can't currently add members on this mobile app. Inviting members or guests and managing your teams is done from our web app.
Using the Azendoo website for a collective co-working here in Bordeaux (Darwin) - very neat. Will definitely try the mobile app.
Big congrats, it's nice!! 😃
Neat. Definitely will test it out in the next days.
Amazing UI & UX!