CRM and all-in-one business management for small businesses!

One app to run your small business!
- accounts, contacts, sales pipelines, help desk/service desk
- invoices, proposals, contracts, assets
- projects, tasks, files, todo lists, and diagrams
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Hello, I am the founder of AXSAR Solo. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or send an email to info (at) We built AXSAR Solo, so that a small team - can manage all aspects of running a small business using a single solution. - does not have to worry about complex data integrations across different solutions. Using different solutions results in data silos and small teams don't have the time and resources to integrate several different systems. - does not have to pay multiple subscriptions to different solutions, and can save on costs by using a single solution with simple pricing, but providing all the different core capabilities required to run a small business. - can have full visibility across its customers, sales pipelines, help desk and internal projects/tasks, so the team is more efficient and productive. With AXSAR Solo, you can manage all these using one simple solution: - accounts & contacts - sales pipelines - help desk/service desk - invoices, proposals - contracts, assets - projects, tasks, todo lists, - files, & diagrams Looking forward to answer ProductHunt community's feedback and questions!
We are excited to try this product for our new startup :)
@alberto_85 Thats awesome. Thanks for trying out AXSAR Solo. Please do let us know about your feedback once you have used the product for a week or so. You can reach out to us directly via email : info (at)
@alberto_85 Being an early adopter, we have extended your trial for several months 🎉 🎊