Axon Suit

Introducing full-body virtual reality that feels real

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Sanem AvcilΒ β€” Appreneur / Tech Influencer
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AxonSuit is the interface between your body and the virtual world. It is a lightweight, comfortable garment consisting of a jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. If you have ever worn clothing before, you already know how to use the AxonSuit.

The inside of the AxonSuit is lined with AxonSkin, a thin, flexible material that enables tactile and thermal feedback. AxonSkin is covered with many tactile and thermal "pixels." By varying the pressure and temperature at each of these pixels, AxonSkin creates sensations ranging from the brush of a butterfly's wings to the impact of a punch. From the warmth of a cup of coffee to the chill of a snowball.

Once you are wearing an AxonSuit, connecting to an AxonStation is a snap. Fast and secure "snap" connectors are embedded in the surface of the suit.
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