AX Semantics

Copywriting automation - in 110 languages


AX Semantics is SaaS that helps ecommerce (& other) write content faster, cheaper and better with the help of AI and automation.

As part of a data-to-text "Natural Language Generation" toolchain, use this to generate product descriptions from your data.

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My compliments, makers! It look like very handy tool. Do you use AI technologies for these? How long did you elaborate this product?


best idea for retailers


can`t find

The first lines of code for internal use have been written 8 years ago. Last year we offered this a self-service platform, experimenting how to educate users about NLG concepts. Now, with the current iteration, we have integrated Neural components for morphology and text analysis, to have an AI-assisted workflow for the user.

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They're spammers, got an email from them today on my "info" catchall. "not trying to sell anything". Disgrace for the Internet