AWS Fundamentals

AWS for the real world, not for certifications

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Learn AWS for the real world. AWS Fundamentals teaches you the core AWS Services in an easy & visual way. Certifications are great, but you don't need them to actually build on AWS. Follow best practices and level up your AWS journey 🚀🌐

Support is great. Feedback is even better.

"Thanks for checking out our product. We'd love to get feedback: - Are any services missing that you need? - Would it be more interesting for you if we added a hands-on example project that incorporates several services? - Would you like to see video content as well?"

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AWS Fundamentals by was hunted by in Education, Tech, Books. Made by and . Featured on September 8th, 2023. is rated 5/5 by 4 users. This is AWS Fundamentals's first launch.
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