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Discover & share useful tech stacks for your next project 😎

Awesome Stacks is a community-curated list of tech stacks for building different applications and features. Discover powerful tools and platforms for your next project, and share your favorite combinations with other devs.
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Hey PH! 👋🏾 Founder & CEO at StackShare here. We created this open source list to help developers find and share common stacks that work. Instead of sharing what you use (which is what StackShare is for), this site is designed to show you common stacks for different use cases. More on why we built this in our launch blog post: The data lives in a simple README file on GitHub (like all Awesome Lists) and is used to automatically build to allow for better browsing and showing more tool details ✨ You’ll find stacks created by the community that are widely recognized to be good at solving a particular problem or implementing a certain feature. For example, you may find things like "user authentication" or "handling file uploads" or "adding site search" or "building mobile apps". There are also lots of beginner and boilerplate stacks to help you quickly ramp-up on new trends and methods, like the React Starter Kit. It’s a great way to quickly visualize the tools in a stack. Have an awesome stack you’d like to share? The current set of stacks is just the beginning and we’re looking to the community to help build out this resource. Happy to answer questions!
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@yonasbe Go Yonas! Go StackShare!
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This is really rad. Always was of the opinion that there's a distinct lack of information on how different tools are used together- how well do they work together? Are they compatible? Do people actually use x and y together ever? The latter is pretty important- a lot of the time people are less interested in blazing a trail with their own bespoke combination, and more interested in just not being the only one using a particular setup, hah. It's good to travel in herds sometimes.
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@holman yup! It's actually really hard to find out if people are using certain tools together, even on StackShare. So making that info crowdsourced seemed like an easy way to start chipping away that. Looking forward to seeing your PR ;)
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Oh how delightful. I’ve always want to be able to “copy and paste” architecture like I could code samples and this is pretty close to that! Would love to see Twilio examples in here. I recently built a conversational SMS bot and was looking for example stacks!
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@michelle_wetzler Thanks! If you have an idea for an Awesome Stack around cloud communications platforms please make a PR. Also, do you have a link to the SMS bot? Sounds interesting.
Starting a new project might be intimidating, specially if you want to pick up a new framework or a new programming language. It will take you a while do discover all the cool tools people are using to be efficient with this new technology. Awesome Stacks, is the perfect ressource to give you a head start and use the right tools from day 1. They have assemble a list of tools that work great together 😉 And it's open source so you can also create your own stacks!
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@picsoung thanks for hunting this Nicolas! Really happy to get this out to the world :)
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👋 Hi Product Hunters! I'm *really* excited to be part of launching StackShare's 2nd open source project. If you have any questions please feel free to AMA. We look forward to your Pull Requests 🚀
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