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Discover outdoor adventures and Meetup events near you

Awayn App is a tool to help you discover outdoor adventures shared by the members of our community, gears they've used and recommendations they have. You can also contact one our “Local Tour Guides” to show you around.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

More features to come, I hope!


It's a great way to find new camping spots


It could be more collaborative

Over all I have tired so many apps but this one is the simplest one. No BS or Ads which is great and it's free as well. I'll be waiting for the other updates!


I like how I can follow adventurers and see what they are up to


I've seen suggestions for Surfing, Skateboarding and I like to see more of that

Thank you very much for suggesting Awayn. We have recently added our newest feature that allows you to discover meetsup groups around you :) Kepp on traveling y'all!

There are few things about this app:

1) Meetup group on the map

2) No spam emails

3) It's very international diverse. You feel truly connected to all kinds of people, races and ages not just white hippie boys.


It’s my go to for all things outdoors. It also suggests Meetups.


I like to be able to send messages to my followers.