Away Mode

Protect your home with this awkward Alexa skill


Away Mode is an Alexa skill that tricks unwanted visitors into thinking someone insufferable is home.

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Mark Johnson
Yvonne Cheng
Matt Henderson 🚀
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  • Mark Johnson
    Mark JohnsonFounder and Designer at BudBud

    Fun, Silly, Useful


    I just found out about it.

    Most people might have thought, hey that's silly idea and stop there. But no, these folks made it. And it's real, and actually has a use. Gotta love when that happens. Makes the world just a touch more fun to be in.

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  • Chris Dancy
    Chris DancyWorld's Most Connected Human

    Simple, smart, fun.


    None so far

    If you work alone this app is the best background noise. All the benefits of company without the company!

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  • Ben Miller
    Ben MillerFreelance Creative Strategist

    Silly concept, funny tracks


    None yet, it's pretty simple

    My favorite track is "two average guys brainstorm what's unique about themselves so they can start a podcast about it"

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  • Pros: 

    Funny, useful, innovative


    should have existed before

    Love it!

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  • Ilya Solohin
    Ilya SolohinSoftware developer



    Did not exist before today

    This mom in the audio acts like exactly like mine!

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