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    This App is user friendly and has amazing content


    I didn't see any cons

    Aware app helping me in daily meditation.

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Pushpak Chakraborty
Pushpak Chakraborty@pushpak · Product Manager @ Aware
Hello everyone! I am Pushpak, Product Manager at Aware and I would like to thank @coltvlad for hunting down Aware. There are already so many meditation apps out there, but have you ever wondered how many of them really stay true to the practice of meditation? This is where Aware steps in, from the land of origin of meditation - India, and teaches meditation just the way it should be - a set of tools and how they relate to our lives. Backed by a team of meditation teachers from across the globe, Aware's guide immerses you into the experience and makes every session of meditation effective, but what truly differentiates us, is the intent or the motivation with which we have built Aware, that is, to only help people. Aware's support is available 24*7*365 for all kinds of assistance and in the last 6 months since our launch, we have offered our services for free to hundreds of Universities & Organizations and have impacted thousands of lives. To read more about our journey, read: The application has immensely developed with the help of feedback from our users, and I am looking forward to hear from you all. And also, if you know of anyone who really needs help and could benefit from Aware, let me know - we're here to help.