Avoid this Game

It's probably too hard for you

Avoid as more obstacles as you can in this thrilling time killer!

Train your reaction by tapping screen to make ball jump and go through different various blocks of figures. The difficulty level will increase the longer you stay alive.

I also made Trello board public - https://trello.com/b/6ypjKg8q/avoid

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@jacqvon Haha! That’s a good question! My colleague scored 16 today. Don’t know how he did that, I can get only 12. There are 35 rows for now and I hope that no one will get to the end 😄
Ad is annoying, but the game is kind of flappy bird
@vladkorobov Hi Vlad, Thank you for your response. I hate ads too, but wanted to try how they will work, experiment with “remove ads” price. I’m currently working on a “shop” functionality where you would be able to buy different balls, and if this model will work better then I’ll remove ads. Also, it’s just initial release, I want to go away from “flappy bird style” and add Levels to the game.
This looks like a lot of fun and very addictive XD