Avocode 3.0

Open, hand-off, & inspect designs files without design tools

#4 Product of the DayJune 14, 2018

Avocode 3 is the first cross-platform design hand-off tool for design collaboration, version control, and inspecting of Sketch, XD, Photoshop, and Figma design files, on Windows, Linux, or macOS. Independent on design tools, with unlimited storage, unlimited versions and unlimited projects.

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Hello Hunters! After 3 years since launching Avocode 2.0 I’m really stoked to present you Avocode 3 .0— the new generation of our product with new features that were requested by 2,722 user votes. Big shout out to the whole team! So what's new? You no longer need design tools or plugins to import design Sketch, Photoshop, XD files. Just drag & drop them, open and inspect them on Windows, Linux, and macOS. To make this possible, we had to develop a new universal design format (Octopus) with a representation for everything that can appear in Sketch, Photoshop, XD, or Figma design formats and a new rendering engine (Monroe) that would display all the design information properly. This technology is what makes Avocode really different from other hand-off tools - developers no longer need design tools to access design files and designers don't have to prepare image assets at all. Additionally, we're introducing a new Light theme look, a multitude of performance improvements and design management and collaboration features such as Project subfolders, Private links, Import variables, or the Pixel checker tool. To celebrate this occasion, I'd like to offer you a special Product Hunt promo code: WELOVEPH for a 30% discount for 6 months. If you have tried Avocode in the past and would like to give it another shot, just let me know in the comments and I'll give you a link to restart the 14 day free trial. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them in the comments.
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@helloiamvu Congrats! Looks amazing ;)
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@duke_vu Thanks! 🤙
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@helloiamvu I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Been a happy paying customer for months now and very very very sad I knew about you guys too late. ( yes I have handoff nightmares ).
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@nicholassheriff Thank you so much! ❤️
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@helloiamvu Seriously I'm not kidding you guys have single handedly help to revive my bootstrapped internet co, you're the reason I was able to get critical work done and in turn it's producing revenue for my co, and I've spent 10 years as a product designer: https://www.sheriffv.com/ some of my work and I dreamed of a day I thought would never come...a product exactly like this. I hated working with big co most of the time because of the handoff lol Keep on doing an incredible job guys and try to hold off as much as possible on getting bought by invision or Marvel ( I know it's going to happen )...as technically I would prefer to go to you guys for all of that added value.
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Looks amazing !
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@phucfl Thanks! ✋🏻
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That intro 😍👏
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Would love to know what music is on the intro video. Amazing work!