Prevent human errors when implementing analytics

Ship and test features faster 🚀 Trusted by cross platform consumer products – where 1% conversion change matters.

⚙️Code generated tracking snippets.

👆Single source of truth tracking plan.

🌈No more outdated spreadsheets or broken analytics.

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I don't have a ton of experience with Avo yet, but I'm intimately familiar with the problem it is solving, and I've seen enough (through a demo and through my own exploratory use) to know that this is the solution I always wanted but never knew I wanted. Instead I was stuck with spreadsheets describing the analytics setup that were well intentioned but quickly got stale and were lacking the ability to communicate with the rest of the team, let alone verify that everything is OK between the code and the analytics design.


10x better workflow than anything else for designing and managing analytics


I'm not seeing any downside so far

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Hey Jói, thanks for sharing. Now let's ship some solid analytics together 🚀
Hi Product Hunt 👋 We are @arnihermann, @logason, @thorag and @stefaniabje and we’re excited to be on Product Hunt today to share with you what we’ve built 🔨 Avo prevents human errors when implementing analytics. If you build consumer products – where a 1% change in conversion makes a difference – you know how important your analytics are. The problem is that teams building cross-platform products ship code in every release cycle, that breaks their conversion charts. It’s detrimental to decision making. Avo prevents that. With Avo, companies can ship and test products faster, with analytics they can trust. We’re solving a personal pain point from when we all worked together on a game called QuizUp (100M+ users). We repeatedly “broke” retention charts we relied on, by mistakenly removing or changing analytics implementation. It slowed us down in shipping and testing features 💔 It was driving everyone involved mad – so we built internal dev tools and processes that made implementation easier and our data more reliable. What we built was never perfect, and it was clunky in many ways (happy to talk more about that). So now, six years after we started maintaining tools like these internally, we’ve built Avo, to solve these issues for more people. How it works: Our mission is to make it stupid simple to maintain reliable analytics. Avo is a user-friendly web app to manage all your analytics events and next generation developer tools to generate code with built-in validation for your analytics implementation. It’s your single source of truth. No more outdated spreadsheets. No more broken analytics. Ship and test products faster, with analytics you can rely on 🚀 Things to note: ✅ Avo does not store, process or access your data – so no GDPR approval required. ✅ The Avo code generated libraries wrap whatever analytics SDK you already use. You can use the Avo library alongside the tracking you already have, or do a full migration to make sure all your events are according to the specs in Avo. ✅ Avo is not another analytics or data pipeline vendor. We love the ones that exist already. We’ve just built Avo to make sure we can use the data we send into them. Try it out today: Try Avo today if you’re doing any event-based analytics – and stop piling up analytics debt. It will only make your life easier. 1. Create an account on www.avo.app 2. Define your analytics events. If you have an existing data plan, send it to us and we’ll import it 3. Get your code generated tracking snippets with built-in validation 4. Call the snippets from your code, to start sending events to whichever analytics platform you use Avo is $15 per seat. The AVOLOVESPH coupon works today to get a 20% off the standard plan forever 👫 We would love your feedback 🙏 Thanks for reading, Product Hunt. We would love to hear your questions and thoughts! Have you had this problem? Have you solved it before?
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@arnihermann @logason @thorag @stefaniabje Hey team ! Sounds like you're solving a real pain point. Congrats on the launch!!
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@veronika_riederle Thanks Veronika 🙌

My company was one of the first Avo users. Avo helps product people like me define what to measure with analytics. Our workflow: - We start by hosting “purpose meetings” where we map out each feature on our roadmap. - We discuss the problem we are trying to solve, outline the reason for building this feature and clear metrics to see if we accomplish those things. - After this meeting, I jump in Avo, set up our goals, write up an all the relevant events on a new branch in Avo and post it as a task in Asana. - From there our Engineers grab the branch, have Avo automatically generate all the code they need, and then add these snippets to the relevant places in our codebase. Now I know that we are consistently tracking the right things. When we have these solid foundations, I can build dashboards that show metrics towards our objectives, and I'm confident that the data is correct. Avo has proven to be immensely valuable for us and created a very data-centric culture. 🚀 Would definitely recommend to a friend! 😄


Helps PMs define analytics Helps Eng implement analytics Helps everyone become data-driven


I would love a "global search" feature

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Thank you for sharing @gunnar_holmsteinn. This process sounds amazing! PS The global search will be out sooon 👨‍💻🚀
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Avo is the best way to manage your analytics and make sure they are right. I love that there's only a single line of code for all of our analytics tools and that we can robustly test the data we're sending to these tools in our development environments. It's great to know that we're always shipping good analytics code. This means we can make less mistakes, measure faster and improve our product faster.


Avo does exactly what it says it will. If you run analytics, you should use this.


Looking forward to an easier onboarding process, but even yet, it's great

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Thanks you so much Ashutosh for your support. We're very grateful for having Sunsama as customer and being able to improve our product to your needs, it's a win-win!

I'm the CTO and Co-founder of Teatime Games, one of the earliest customers of Avo. Their tool has helped us iterate on a robust event schema so that our data is reliable and we can make good product decisions based on our numbers. The Avo team is super responsive and has fixed issues and implemented new features within hours from us reporting them. I can't think of an alternative to Avo that isn't more expensive with fewer features.


Type safety removes a whole category of analytics bugs It's suddenly easy to refactor analytics Easier to QA that events have been sent


Could add more features to detect if events are sent at the wrong time

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Thank you for the review Johann! We are working on some really exciting features to both document and prevent events from being sent at the wrong time, look forward to share it soon!
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